Bound by a Shared Passion

CTI’s leadership team is comprised of experienced, dynamic and talented people. Individually, they represent a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds. Collectively, they are bound by a shared passion for quality and a drive to ensure all our customers’ expectations are met.

RomanBrenner Roman Brenner, President
Roman joined CTI Industries in 2005 as President and brought with him several years of experience in senior level management positions in the automotive and hi-tech sectors. Under his leadership he has promoted an approachable, customer focused and results oriented culture. His experience in identifying and capitalizing on acquisitions as well as forming joint ventures on a worldwide basis has helped to expand CTI into the global organization that it is today. Roman’s passion for understanding the needs of the customer has set the tone for an environment where high quality standards and delivering customer satisfaction are the norm. On a day-to-day basis, Roman is focused on serving and expanding the Company’s client base as well as its global footprint.
PeterCaulfield Peter Caulfield, V.P. Operations
Peter has been with CTI Industries since 2007 and in his role as Vice President of Operations, leads a very technical and experienced team in delivering high quality and cost-effective products to meet the requirements of the most exacting customers.  Having worked in the manufacturing sector over a diversified product range for most of his career, Peter brings to CTI his extensive international experience managing global facilities and creating and fostering teams that drive customer focused results.  He has cultivated effective production teams by clearly defining goals and creating an atmosphere of open collaboration and teamwork. Always looking to continually improve performance, Peter keeps his team focused on customer-facing metrics and delivering best-in-class manufacturing services.
GeorgeMcPherson George McPherson, V.P. Procurement
One of the longest standing members of the CTI leadership team, George has been with CTI Industries since 1973. In his role as Vice President, Procurement, he works closely with the sales, purchasing, engineering and production groups to effectively respond to customer inquiries and quote requests.  George’s deep knowledge of the business, combined with his knowledge of our manufacturing facilities and ventures around the world, allows him to develop accurate and cost effective quotes that meet customer needs. George’s ability to access necessary information, coordinate with all departments, and attention to detail endears him to customers looking for accurate, quick and timely quotations.
DinoBerardi Dino Berardi, Director of Sales
Dino joined our leadership team in 2011, coming to us with extensive experience in sales and marketing from a variety of companies in the electronics and high-tech industries.  Aside from the typical responsibilities expected from a Director of Sales, (nurturing existing customers, developing new business, increasing market share and managing marketing activities), Dino is focused on working with customers to provide quality products, value-added engineering services and providing excellent customer service. He is passionate about developing long term business relationships based on integrity, honesty, respect, trust and professionalism.  In order to achieve these desirable relationships, Dino relies on teamwork and collaboration within CTI as well as with client project teams.